Growing Up


Growth is an amazing thing! If you water the grass it grows, if you put money in savings it grows and if you put a bottle in a baby’s mouth, the baby grows.

It is hard to believe that Hannah is already five years old. As I look back over the last five quick years I am amazed at God’s creation. I am in awe that this little child could be nourished and growing in so many ways at one time.

When you watch a baby you see them develop in so many different areas in a short period of time. You cannot help but know that there is a God. Growth and development are a healthy part of bringing up children. If they did not grow, something would be wrong. If they did not learn things, we would worry.

In spiritual things, are we amazed at our growth in God or worried because we are lacking? Just as a baby develops different traits and learns at a rapid pace, so should it be in the believer’s life. We should be growing in the things of God.

II Peter 3:18, “but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Are you growing in grace and knowledge? Our spiritual walk ought to be a journey of forward progress. The longer we are a Christian the more like Christ we ought to become.

Josh is going to turn 18 un April and he is three inches taller than me. He wears a size thirteen shoe and looks like a man. In 17  years he has grown from a little baby to a young man.

So it should be with our walk with God. Our knowledge of the Word should be more today than it was last year. Our prayer life should be more consistent than it was five years ago. We should all be serving in ministry somewhere if we are growing in grace.

I challenge you to make sure that you are continuing to grow in grace and knowledge. Evaluate your life and see where you might need to make some adjustments so that you might grow in your life with God.

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