Fasting and Spiritual Health Test–Repost

Happy New Year to you all!  I feel blessed to have you in my life and I am thankful for the new year and what God has on the horizon for RFA.

I shared this post last year, as we entered a week of fasting for the New Year.  These are timeless principles that will help us focus during this week of fasting.

As we enter our week of fasting, remember that fasting is a time of discovery. Some might ask, “A time of discovery?” Any period of fasting allows us to discover the things we are dependent on and even addicted to. Just a half day into any fast reveals what you have become dependent on.

Our bodies begin to scream for food or caffeine, while others might be having withdrawals from TV or computer. When we begin to lay down our fleshly cravings and desires, we become ready to hear from God more clearly. Granted, for the first few days of a fast, many will not hear a lot because they are still going through the withdrawals, but the longer we fast the more prepared we are to hear from God. His Word becomes alive to us, His presence seems real and we sense His nearness.

I encourage you to press in and hang on. It will get better!

While we are fasting, it is a good time to search our hearts. Some questions that I use for a Spiritual Health Test may help you as well:

  • Am I being honest with God and myself?
  • Do I love God’s Word?
  • Am I Praying Faithfully?
  • Am I looking for opportunities to share Jesus’ love with others?
  • Do I hate sin?
  • Am I obeying the greatest commandment, to love the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind?
  • Am I looking for Christ’s return?

These questions will help you know where to start in changing your life this new year.

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