What an Honor!

Slide1When three year old David got to church yesterday morning, his mother told me he had some new pet goldfish.  Awesome pet for a three year old.  Easier than a dog and certainly more tolerable than a cat…goldfish are a perfect fit for little David.  Patti, David’s mother, informed me that he named his two new goldfish, Pastor and Mrs. Sonya.  What an honor!

Honestly, that makes my heart feel good.  I want to make an impact on the lives of everyone.  Especially, on the younger generation, I want to touch their lives for the glory of Christ.  To have a goldfish named after me is possibly a sign of a deposit that I have made in David’s life.  I love this kid.  He is full of life and excitement.  He also has an incredible knowledge of vacuum cleaners.  He can name almost every brand and type.  Sharp kid and will certainly make a good husband some day.

By the way, I am glad they were goldfish.  I might have been offended if a cat was named after meSmile

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