Thanks Veterans

All the freedoms we enjoy in this nation came at a price.  The expense was paid by brave men and women who have served our country faithfully to ensure that our homeland is safe.  They have memorialday_03fought foreign wars to rid other nations of tyranny and to bring freedom to other lands as well.  These veterans have served within our borders to secure our land and to protect it from those who seek to harm us. 

For wages that are not comparable to the risk of their lives, these veterans have served faithfully out of a call to patriotism.  They make less than most of those who enjoy the benefits of our military’s sacrifice.  Yet, they serve proudly and humbly because that is what veterans do.

They have gone to foreign lands and left behind their families so that they could bring peace to other families in far away lands.  They have stared in the face of danger yet not showing fear.  With courage they become all they can be for a people who often take for granted the freedoms.

memorialday_01This group of veterans is often overlooked but they still cherish their service to our country.  Veterans, thank you!  You are my heroes!  You have exemplified the words of Jesus, “No greater love has a man than he who lays down his life for a friend.”  Thanks for being willing risk your life for our freedoms.

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