How’s Your Vision?

Do you need glasses? I always thought that when you turned forty (which is only a few months of for me) that you were officially over the hill. No one told me what to expect when I turned thirty. I noticed, however, something drastic change when I turned thirty. Everyday when I came home from work I had a terrible headache. Without fail, my head was exploding so of course I blamed it on the lack of caffeine. Then when that theory was shot down I thought, “Maybe I am studying and reading too much”. Then the thought hit me that maybe I ought to see the eye doctor.

Finally one day I decided to go to the eye doctor to see if I could get some reading glasses. The doctor laughed and told me, “You do not need reading glasses but all the time glasses. Your vision is not as good as it used to be.” I had vision impairment and I hadn’t noticed that my total vision was going bad. I never even realized it. The only way I could tell was by fixing my vision. After I got glasses I could read the road signs and everything else alot better.

This is the way it happens in our Christian lives. We once had a fire and vision for the Lord and His ministry but somewhere down the road our vision became impaired. Our vision is not as clear as it used to be.

Sad to say, many people once had great vision and dreams for their work for the Lord, but over the years it has faded. They once had great plans and goals of what they wanted to do for God’s Kingdom, but now they cannot see ahead.

It may be the case that they don’t realize that their vision is faded. It could also be that their dreams were crashed on the rocks and discouragement and frustration has impaired their vision. All they can see is their failure and can’t think of trying something new.

The fact is that God has a great plan for all of us, young or old. He has a plan for all of our lives and He wants us to carry His vision. Even if you have lost your vision, we can find a pair of glasses that will help us to see again. God has great things in store for us and He wants to give us 20/20 vision once again.

If your ministry was once flourishing but now you cannot seem to get the fire started, ask God for a renewed vision for your ministry. Without a vision the people perish. We must have vision or else we will die on the inside. Our ministry around us cannot live unless we have a vision for it.

If you have lost your vision, look for it. If your vision is impaired, look back to the days that you had vision and passion for what you did. Rekindle that flame and let God’s vision burn in you once again.

The enemy desires to block your vision because He knows that your ministry cannot go forward with your eyes dim. Satan desires to thwart the ministry of the Lord by discouraging, frustrating and making the people of God feel inadequate. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Go to the eye doctor (Jesus) and ask Him for a pair of new glasses to see His heart for you.

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