To Die For

Is there a cause that we are fighting for?
All we say is there’s not an open door

There has got to be something more
Something worth dying for

What about us, what about me
What is it that we really see?

Hanging in the balance is their destiny
A soul destined for hell, for all eternity

Something to die for was what Jesus saw
With His blood He bought us all

He spread His arms on the Cross of Calvary
Pierced through to purchase you and me

To die for was His thought towards mankind
Why is it that the world stays so blind

Cannot see, Cannot hear,
That Jesus loves them dear

Where is God’s own
That to them the way is shown

The path to eternal bliss
If we keep silent the world will miss

This is the cause that we were born for
A cause for us that is to die for

To give up my life it might be
But I will share to set man free

I will give everything for my Lord
Surely He is worth dying for

Danny Cheney

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