Are You Possessed?

Are you possessed?

Since it is not possible for a Christian to be demon-possessed, I am not speaking of that kind of possession. What possesses your life? What is it that consumes you?

As I was reading in Genesis, I discovered for the hundredth time that God gave us dominion over this earth and all that is therein. He said that we shall rule and reign and have possession of creation and we would have dominion over it. But do we have dominion over this world? Or does this world have dominion over us?

As I pondered this thought, I concluded that God’s intention was different than what we have made it. We have become possessed by the possession. Our lives are meant to live in pursuit of God and to be inhabited by Him and His presence. He created this world that we might oversee it’s creation but I think somewhere we have mistaken what our role is. It is as if now we are worshippers of God’s creation not the Creator, God.

Maybe you have no problem with being content in such things that you have but, are we pursuing God or are we pursuing what we can gain in this life? In this life are we seeking to advance the Kingdom of God or to advance our own kingdoms?

I remember many years ago, living in a one bedroom one bath apartment. Then we moved to a two bedroom one bath duplex. I was content with what I had. I then had the opportunity to “move up” into a three bedroom, one bath house. Booya! I was living in a mansion. From there I was able to live in a three bedroom, two bath with a formal living room. Man, God is good! Now I am living in a house that is the largest I have ever lived in. I have arrived!

Now, what if God asked me to live in a one bedroom again? Could I do it? What about all the stuff that fills this bigger house? He has blessed me with all of this STUFF certainly He wouldn’t ask me to downsize, right? I won’t do it…I am not downsizing because I have all of these things that I MUST keep.

This seems to be the attitude of many American Christians. We are possessed with our possessions. Many of us do not know what sacrifice is. We are bound by our desire for more and we are determined not to go “backwards”. How do you think credit card companies stay in business?

The Ten Commandments remind us, “You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve (worship) them. For I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God.”

God wants all of us! He is jealous for our attention. The willingness to have dominion over our hearts. He created us to fellowship with Him, but we keep putting more things in between us and Him. Our relentless pursuit of more is not because we are blessed but because we are not content. Only God can fill our hearts and give us true happiness. God cars more about us than He does about our things. It is about us finding contentment in Him and quit putting everything before Him.

God gave us dominion over this earth but He requires dominion of our hearts. Who has possessed your soul? The things of this world or the Savior of the World? We are to be possessed by Him alone!

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