9-11 We Will Never Forget

This article was written by Pastor Andy Harris, Central Assembly of God, Springfield, MO.

A Day We Will Never Forget!

  • Total number killed in attacks (official
    figure as of 9/5/02): 2,996
  • Total number of victims killed 2,977 Total
    number of hijackers 19
  • Total number who died on the four planes
  • Total number who died in the World Trade
    Center Towers 2,606
  • Total number who died at the Pentagon 125
  • Total number who died in Shanksville, PA 44
  • Number of firefighters and paramedics
    killed: 343
  • Number of NYPD officers killed: 23
  • Number of Port Authority police officers
    killed: 37
  • Number of WTC companies that lost
    people: 60 
  • Number of employees who died in Tower
    One: 1,402
  • Number of employees who died in Tower
    Two: 614
  • Ratio of men to women who died: 3:1
  • Age of the greatest number who died: between 35 and 39
  • Bodies found “intact”: 289 
  • Number of families who got no remains of
    their loved ones: 1,717
  • Estimated units of blood donated to the
    New York Blood Center:36,000
  • Total units of donated blood actually
    used: 258
  • Number of people who lost a
    spouse in the attacks:1,609
  • Estimated number of children who lost a
    parent: 3,051
  • Number of  funerals attended by
    Rudy Giuliani in 2001: 200
  • Days fires continued to burn after the
    attack: 99
  • Jobs lost in New York owing to the
    attacks: 146,100
  • Days after 9/11 that the U.S. began
    bombing Afghanistan: 26
  • Economic loss to New York in month
    following the attacks: $105 billion
  • Estimated cost of cleanup: $600 million
  • Estimated amount donated to 9/11
    charities: $1.4 billion
  • Estimated amount of insurance paid
    worldwide related to 9/11: $40.2
  • Estimated amount of money raised for
    funds dedicated to NYPD and FDNY families: $500 million
  • Percentage of total charity money raised
    going to FDNY and NYPD families: 25%
  • Average benefit already received by each
    FDNY and NYPD widow: $1 million
  • Estimated number of New Yorkers
    suffering from post-traumatic-stress disorder as a result of 9/11: 422,000

Friend, the greatest thing we can do as we reflect on September 11, 2001, is to go to church this Sunday to honor the heroes and pay tribute to the memory of those who lost their lives.  Pray for their families and our nation. 

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