How much are you worth?

Seated around a conference table in a dimly lit room, were gather several men.  All of them were there for the same purpose.  The leader of the meeting was assessing each person’s worth.  On the table in front of each man was an application and a spreadsheet with many calculations.  Each paper was different.  Each man flipped through his paperwork as the “boss” discussed an all-important subject: Worth.  What was each man worth?

The thing I noticed about each man was that they were all about my age.  They were in the same age bracket I was.  As each of us looked at our spreadsheets and figures calculating our worth I noticed that most of us had the same figures.  Basically the same worth.  Yet, among our group, was one man who stood out.  When I noticed His paperwork, it far over-shadowed each of the other men.  One’s worth recorded 92,000, while another was 111,000.  I wasn’t allowed to see my own figures but I noticed the other man’s.  The boss was looking at his figures.  17,000,000.

I thought to myself, “He’s the same age as I am.  How could he have built up such a figure in his short life?  What investments did he make?  WHat did he do that I didn’t and what could I do to be where he is at?”  Then I noticed his spreadsheets.  Where most of ours had a few pages of investments made, his read like a book.  Page after page of investments.

It was then I noticed the heading above our figures.  It wasn’t how much money we were worth.  The heading read simply, “Spiritual Life”.  This man was rich spiritually and we were lagging way behind.  As soon as I noticed the heading on each of the papers, I awoke from my dream.

Instantly, the Scripture came to mind, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” 3 John 2

I asked myself the question as I awoke, “If I prospered as much as my soul did, how much would I be worth?”  I believe it was intentional that I was not able to see the figures on my “spiritual life” chart.  Perhaps it was the mercy of God saving me from the shock of deficiency.  Or maybe God was just speaking to me about the pursuit my life should be taking.  If this text of Scripture is interpreted correctly, prosperity is linked to my soul’s prosperity.  You can be wealthy financially and be spiritually bankrupt.  You can have a nice home with all amenities while your spiritual house is crumbling.

What matters at the end of the day is not how much we have in the bank but rather what spiritual investments we have made.  So often, we are adamant to make investments that will ensure us financial security, but forget about the investments that will help our soul to prosper.I am stirred that my life must have investments of prayer, God’s Word, sharing Christ and serving Him fully.  Yielding in obedience.  When the “boss” looks over my spreadsheet of investments, I want it to read like a book.

One last note: the fact that everyone in the dream was my same age, reveals that spiritual life is not reserved for those who are older in the faith.  It all has to do with how we invest in God’s Kingdom.  No matter our age, our soul can be as prosperous as a saint who has walked with God for 50 years.  It is all about the investment.

What are you worth spiritually?

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