Vacation Camping Trip

We had a great time at Devil’s Den State Park and enjoyed being outdoors.  Devil’s Den is one of our favorite places in Northwest Arkansas.  We go there several times a year just to admire the beauty. 

It amazes me that after all the rain we had during the spring, we are now in a drought.  We were thinking that we would be able to do some swimming in the creeks at Devil’s Den, but you will notice that the creeks are virtually dry. 

Over the main creek, there is a foot bridge that spans from one side to the other.  In the spring flood it was destroyed.  Notice the tree driven through the bridge in the pictures below.  Rushing water has amazing power!

For some reason, we decided to go camping in this sweltering heat.  Our camping trip was fun but because of the heat, we decided to only stay one night and come back to the A/C.


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