Dad’s Day BBQ

We had a great time at our Father’s Day cook-out!  Thanks to Susie and Cordy for cooking the burgers and hot dogs.

There was a good turn out to enjoy a time of food and fellowship.  As expected I didn’t win the Strongman Contest.  The winners of the contest were Josh Reed and David Roberts.  These guys are real men.  They both lifted and pressed a 70lb log over their head 2 reps of 25 and were willing to do it a third time before we called it a tie.

All the men who entered the contest did awesome.  Doris Burton jumped in on the knife throwing contest and did pretty good.

The 18 foot water slide for the kids was a hit among the young kids and the youth.  The best part of that was the fact that the company couldn’t pick the slide up until late Monday night.  So, Hannah and I decided to make a fun day of it on Monday.  We spent a couple of hours playing on it.  It was a great Father’s Day.

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