David Wilkerson on Why We Suffer

As most of the Christian world knows, David Wilkerson, pastor of Times Square Church in New York City and founder of Teen Challenge, passed away last week in a car wreck.  David Wilkerson has been a hero of mine for many years.  He was never been enticed with fame and fortune and modeled living a godly life throughout his time on earth.

If you have followed David Wilkerson much through the years, you would come to understand the suffering that he and his family endured.  From bouts with disease to other hardships.  Yet through it all he was consistent in his faith.

Wilkerson’s funeral was today and Steven Strang, Charisma Magazine editor, shares the following story from the memorial service.  It deals with the question of why we must suffer.

Strang writes:

“Once two of his teenage grandsons, who were going through a time of questioning, asked him, “If there is a God, why is there suffering?” Wilkerson, who obviously had far more life experience than his grandsons, admitted he didn’t know the answer any more than they did, but he noticed that often those who complain the most do the least to help the hurting—and he would rather be busy with helping those who suffer.”

What a convicting answer to that question!  Wilkerson didn’t say that to deflect his grandson’s question.  He replied that way because that is how he lived his life.  Helping the hurting in New York City.  Walking alongside those who suffer, even when he himself was suffering.

There are few men in this world like David Wilkerson.  My prayer is that I could live a consistent life such as his and leave my mark on this world just as he did.

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