Power of the Word

I have been reading a biography of Smith Wigglesworth, the healing evangelist of the early 20th century.  It is a fascinating look at a man who walked with God and saw tremendous miracles in his lifetime.

History reveals that Wigglesworth saw the multitudes healed as well as many who were raised from the dead.  In the book Secret of His Power, the author recalls one of the secrets of Wigglesworth’s power, a love for the Word of God.

Read closely what the author writes about Smith Wigglesworth:

“Two things dominated Wigglesworth’s life and ministry.  Firstly, he had a consuming love for the Word of God.  Secondly, he had an overwhelming confidence in the God of the Word.  What the Word of God said on a subject settled the matter as far as Wigglesworth was concerned.  He proved that he was willing to stake His life on what the Bible said…Wigglesworth never went more that fifteen minutes without reading the Word of God, regardless of where he was or in whose company he found himself.” [Smith Wigglesworth: Secret of His Power by Albert Hibbert on the NOOK]

I am challenged to deepen my hunger for the Word of God.  I am stirred to spend more time memorizing and studying God’s Holy Book.  Furthermore, I am convicted and awakened to believe the GOD OF THE WORD!

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