When The Lord Changes My Direction

Since we turned the calendar to 2011, I have sensed the Lord leading me to preach about our spiritual growth and how we can live a mature Christian life.  We concluded a 5 part series on growth a few weeks ago and I moved to the next “logical” series on discovering our gifts.

I was pumped going into the series but when I began to study it, well, it felt like a grind.  Like I was going against the grain.  I pressed through the first week and started the series even though I didn’t completely “feel” it.  When the second sermon for the series came, I studied it and the same thing again.  Going against the grain. 

On the Sunday I was to preach that message the Lord redirected me for that Sunday morning.  While on vacation I took time to pray and meditate on what I would do with the GIFTS series.  For several weeks, I have had a message series that has been on my mind.  One that is intense and, I believe, for where we are right now.  Long story short, we will begin this new series on Sunday.

THE END series will be an in-depth look at the last days.  We will follow that series with a another series that will help us look at how to live in the last days.

Perhaps we will pick up our GIFTS series later this year, but I believe it is critical to follow my heart here.  The temptation that I face often is to preach a series that I believe would be a good follow-up to the last series.  I like to plan out where I am leading the church, but sometimes God intervenes.  The thing I am learning is to be dependent upon the Holy Spirit for what He would have me to preach.

Needless to say, I am excited to begin this new series Sunday.  It would be a perfect opportunity to invite someone lost to these services.  People are looking for answers right now.  Use this as a tool to compel them to come in.


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