Blind Faith With One Eye Open

Do you have blind faith with one eye open?

Blind faith with one eye open?  What does that mean?  Somewhere in our Christian walk we have tried to have faith but only found ourselves not wholly trusting God for the answers.  Blind faith to me is trusting God with our lives and not trying to figure out plan B if God does not come through.

In our day of modern resources we do not need to have faith like we used to.  At one point, people had to trust God for healing because there wasn’t cold medicines and remedies, for every condition known to man, available over the counter.  Insurance was not as available as it is today.  We have blind faith with one eye open!

We know God can heal but feel better if at least we try to do it ourselves by getting the cold medicine. (I am preaching to myself today).  Several years ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing an abscessed tooth.  Never have I known pain as I did then.  I was popping Advil every 2 to 3 hours and as I was lying in bed waiting for the Vicodin to kick in, I would pray, “Lord please take away the pain.”  I always have a knack for praying as a last resort.

God is a God of healing!  He is able to meet our every need, but we tend to only have extreme faith as a last resort for our problems.  I have faith!  I believe God can do anything.  I even tell others to trust God, but I often have a plan B just in case God doesn’t come through on plan A.  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with taking medication but we should truly have complete faith that God WILL come through for us.

Jesus said to the father of a demon-possessed boy, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”  WOW!  Jesus put it plainly.  Anything can happen when we believe.  That’s Simple!  Easy for us to believe isn’t it?  Now that is what I call blind faith.  But there is only one hold back, it isn’t easy to believe sometimes.

The dad of this boy replied, “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!”  I feel like this story was written just for me.  I believe but I still have some unbelief.    I have faith but I still like to have other options just in case.  Lord I believe but help my unbelief!

We need to ask God to help us in our unbelief.  Most people believe God can do anything.  But few can believe without a hint of unbelief.  Call me doubting Thomas if you must, but I have a problem sometimes with blind faith, but I am praying to believe with no unbelief.  I want the faith to move mountains.  I want to see God heal and provide for those in need.  “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”

I challenge you to trust God with your life.  Ask Him to help you with your unbelief.  Remember, all things are possible to him who believes.  Jesus gives us a huge promise if we will only believe.

3 thoughts on “Blind Faith With One Eye Open

  1. It is easy to have faith while you are trying to control everything. It is when you step out in that “Blind Faith” that things get scary, since you have given ALL control over to Our Father and are relying on Him alone to show and direct your path.
    Like anything new and unfamiliar, this can be tough but as you practice more and more, it gets easier.

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