Have you ever known any fruits?

I am not talking about people but spiritual fruits. What are you displaying in your life? There are many different fruits that we as Christians should display – fruits of integrity and character, fruit of the Spirit, fruits of good works. How about your fruit? Is it good for food, or is it spoiled?

I remember a few years ago, someone gave us the most wonderful pears. He gave us a large box of them, and there was no way we could eat them all. Instead of giving them away, so someone else could enjoy them, I put them in a corner. One day, I walked into the back room of the house and noticed that they were now in the process of making fermented pear wine (if there is such a thing). They had spoiled and they were of no use to us anymore.

In our spiritual lives, it is the same way. If we shelve our fruit and become stagnant, we will spoil. Fruit is meant to be eaten, not stored.

Jesus said in Matthew 12:33, "Either make a tree good, and its fruit good; or else make the tree bad, and its fruit bad; for a tree is known by its fruit."

A tree is known by its fruit. Do people know you by your fruits or as a fruit? People should be able to see the fruits of your spiritual life. If they cannot, you have a serious problem; your fruit is spoiled. God never intended for our fruit to go bad. He expects us to flourish.

When fruit is picked off of the tree, it begins to replenish that fruit. So it should be in our lives that when we give our fruit away, it should be good fruit and it should be replenished. I challenge you to ask yourself these questions, "Can people tell that I am a Christian? What am I doing for God? Am I bearing good spiritual fruit?" Once you have your answers, embark on a new life to live fruitful and abundant.

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