Illustration Fail

Sometimes public speaking can have its hazards.  After all, once things are said, there is no taking them back.  Altogether yesterday was a tough day.  Running on little sleep coupled with spending a lot of time on the go yesterday, by the time church came around last night, well, let’s say, I wasn’t completely there.

That is my disclaimer for the failed illustration.  During my sermon, I was talking about being hidden in Christ and that Christ covers us.  In covering us, when the Father looks at us, He sees Christ in us.  So let me just share the illustration I used and how it came out.  Please remember, my brain was tired during my sermonSmile

Here goes:

“This might seem like a cheesy illustration tonight, but, everyone raise your middle finger…no I mean your index finger.” 

I couldn’t look up to see if anyone followed my instructions.  After the laughter, especially my own, it was hard to make the true point of the illustration.

The truth is, it is good to laugh at ourselves, if we don’t someone else will.  Failure is inevitable.  We will not always perform perfectly.  As leaders, we should never be afraid to get back up after making dumb mistakes.  However, it might help to be a little more careful the next time.

2 thoughts on “Illustration Fail

  1. Pastor, I appreciated your “goof” last night. We were in need of some laughter after the days news regarding Deborah. No harm done.

  2. I can so see you. I wondered what that red glow in the north was last night when I left church. Everyone in the office wanted to know what I was laughing at.

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