A Proud Dad

I am not one to brag often about my kids because I don’t want people to think that I think my kids are better than theirs.  But since this is my blog I can brag a little about my son, Josh.

Monday night, we had parent teacher conferences at school.  I know when I was a kid I never told my mom and dad about them because I didn’t want them to talk to my teachers.  Josh, however, let us know.  I went to all of his teachers and they all raved about Josh.  They said he was a respectful young man, well behaved and did not cause them an ounce of trouble.  The one comment that was shared by at least three of the teachers was, “I wish I had a room full of students like Josh!”

I am thankful for Josh.  He is an incredible young man.  He is the kind of kid that is comfortable with who he is and is not moved by the leading of the crowd.  In fact, he tries to lead the crowd.  In his second semester of his first year in public school, last year, Josh started a Bible Club that meets once a week.  He has formed a leadership team and is beginning to develop a plan to make sure the Bible club continues after he graduates.

I would like to take credit for how Josh is turning out, but I can tell you that I feel inadequate as a father and really believe it is the hand of God on his life.  Even through our flawed parenting, God has given us a godly son.  Thank you Jesus!

One more thing:  Josh’s Algebra teacher asked if we had any more children coming up that are as good as him.  I had to tell her, “I don’t know about my other one, only time will tellSmile.”  She acts too much like me!

We are proud of you son!

4 thoughts on “A Proud Dad

  1. The teachers were very correct in their assessments and you have every right to be proud. Josh stood out to me during the first Sunday service you were here. His respect and interaction with the senior citizens of our church amazes me.

  2. Josh is an amazing young man! He is always willing to help out and does a great job of getting others involved. God is doing wonderful things through him- can’t wait to see what He does through him once he is all grown up =]

  3. Last night at the Leadership Tour of Southeast Texas, Josh’s name came up at our table. We all commented on how great a young man he is. We all agreeded to be there when he becomes Govenor or Senator or for sure President. Just as Mr Streepy said he alway did relate and respect the elderly people. You and Sonya are very blessed. And Hannah will make her own way.

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