What’s Taking God So Long?

When Hannah woke up this morning, she looked out the back door and exclaimed, “What’s taking God so long?”  You see, she prayed for God to bring her a horse the other night and God hasn’t brought it yet.

I replied to her, “Sometimes God takes a while to answer because the time is not right.”

So Hannah passionately retorts, “I already prayed once, and I can’t keep praying until I’m all out of breath!”

So I gently said to her, “Sometimes that is what it takes.”

Seeing God answer prayer often takes a while.  He doesn’t always answer us on the first prayer.  We, many times, pray coulntless prayers until He finally comes through.  The Bible tells us that we must keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking and God will answer.  We must be persistent in prayer.

Too many times we lose heart.  We think God does not care or that He does not hear.  God, however, works in His own time and always comes through when it is best for us or when He sees that we need it.  I always call Him, “Jehovah-Nick of Time.”  He always comes just in the nick of time.

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