It All Happened In The Country

We had a fantastic weekend at RFA!  It was exciting to see our kid’s department present such an awesome play Saturday and Sunday.  You can see it here.

The list of shout-outs is a mile long so here goes.  There were a lot of people who put in a great deal of effort to make it happen.  Hats off to Shannon Wagner and Julie Lancelot who directed the musical/play.  You did an awesome job leading the kids.  Donna Shepherd who directs B.L.A.S.T. kids every Sunday.  You do a great job every week!  To Lance Manweiller who worked the sound…good job pulling it off with some inferior equipmentSmile.  Stan and Cordy Edwards made a great set of props for the play and Kevin Shockley made sure we had a fence around the country scene. We cannot forget the Brummett’s who lent us all the rustic farm equipment that made the scene look more authentic.  We cannot forget Patti Gilliland who made a great looking program for the play.  Doug Gilliland aka Uncle Yule and Terrell Manweiller aka Granny, you guys did a fantastic job on your “adult” parts.  I see Branson in the future.

How about those kids?  Our RFA kids did an awesome job.  Brittany, Levi, Sydney and Wiley you guys were great in your lead roles.  Jake and Josh, not to bad for a city boy and a country boy working together.  Harley, Elizabeth, Katie, Ethan, and the Boyson girls did a great job in all of their roles.  We have a lot of talent coming up in the future.

Not to mention, Saturday night was the debut of our new country rap group here at RFA, the Distant Cousins.  These guys are going to be big!  I have already promoted myself to manager/agent.  We will make sure their name gets outSmile  You can check them out here.

Last but not least, the parents.  The play could not have been possible without the dedication of our parents that worked with their kids at home and made sure they were at the practices.  Parents, you are the heroes behind your kids.  It all begins with you making sure they are in church and learning to serve God with their talents.

2 thoughts on “It All Happened In The Country

  1. What a great group of Kids. I love the little boy in the overalls, just a dancing his heart out, the one in
    the big hat talking like a country boy. All were super. Even though I don’t know anyone up there, I
    wish them all Merry Christmas.

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