What will it take?

Life is precious, is it not?
It passes away with little thought

The world full of despair and heartache and grief
People descend to Hell without belief

Not knowing that there is a God who loves
A God who calls them from above

But man often lives his life without a care
Not thinking that in eternity he must live somewhere

Heaven or Hell, it is all our choice
God asks us to call on Him with our voice

A voice of repentance, of pleading for grace
That forever we might gaze upon His face

What will it take for man to discover this truth?
One day he will find that this life will be through

But at the end of this one is the beginning of another
That we will ascend or descend, soon we will discover

When will we change the way in which we live
That to God we will run and ask him to forgive

Our sins, our thoughts even our evil deeds
And look to Him for whom our soul ever will keep

What will it take for man to turn?
What will he face before he learns?

That surely this life is but a breath from its end
After our last breath, where will we be sent?

Heaven or Hell, Have you ever given it a thought?
Hell for those who reject, Heaven for those blood-bought!

-Danny Cheney-

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