Free Cat With All The Trimmings

The time has come for the Cheney household to part ways with Sassy, the cat.  Sassy is a good cat, lovable and has great perseverance.  Her perseverance comes from enduring Hannah who loves this cat and gives it lots of hugs; bear hugs.  The problem with Sassy is that Sonya is allergic to her.  Sonya cannot get over the shingles that is caused by the cat.

With much heartache:) the time has come to give the cat away to a nice family or even a mean one.  Anyone who will take the cat…she is free.  For a limited time, you will get the cat, litter box, litter scoop, litter, food and cat toys all for the very low price of $0.00.  If you are interested leave a comment and we will work something out.

Seriously, if you would like the cat let me know.  If not we will have to take it to the pound.

4 thoughts on “Free Cat With All The Trimmings

  1. Sorry Sonya has shingles. Shingles sure are painful. Wow, we didn’t realize you had a cat. Do you remember the cat on the pulpit? 🙂 Judy said she wants the cat and for you to bring it to her. Love you all.

  2. I would love to have the cat. ONLY if she comes with
    Hannah and Josh and Sonya. But I don’t need or want the mean person who said it would cost me money. I know when I ‘m not wanted. I just might eat worms and die. That would make you happy. ON second thought why should I make you happy. See you on the next comment.

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