Thanksgiving Conversations with Hannah

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we spent a lot of time together as a family.  It was refreshing and we all had a great time.  There were a few conversations that Hannah and I had after everyone else went to bed.  Hannah and I seem to be the night owls in our house.

Not too long ago, Sonya’s brother’s dog, Daisy, was run over by a car.  It was pretty tragic to their family that has two daughters around 8 and 9 years old.  Apparently, one of Hannah’s cousins was sharing the story of the tragic death of Daisy.

Hannah: Dad, do you remember Daisy the dog?

Me: Yes.

Hannah: Well she died.

Me: That’s what I heard.

Hannah: She got run over by a car and she’s dead.

Me: Oh, that’s sad isn’t it?

Hannah: You know what else?  You know where she’s at?

Me: Umm…

Hannah: She’s six feet under!

Me: Excuse me?

Hannah’: She’s six feet under the ground!

Me: Who told you that?

Hannah: Grace (actually it was her cousin Chase)

Me: Um…you want a drink before we go to bed?

Friday night, we were at the hotel and Hannah and I stayed up late.  She was watching a movie and I was working on a sermon to preach for Sunday.  I had my Bible on the desk and around midnight, Hannah walks over to me at the desk.

She rubs my arm and looks at my Bible and…

Hannah: Dad, can I use your Bible?

Me: Yes, if you promise to be careful with it.

Hannah: Oh, I will…I am going to go up there and preach with you.

Me: Really?

Hannah: Yeah, we are going to go up there together…because I’m a pastor’s daughter.

Me: You are and you can preach with me anytime, honey!

After church Sunday, I said to Hannah, “you forgot to preach with me this morning, I missed you.”

Hannah replied, “I went to the nursery instead and talked to the teacher.”

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Conversations with Hannah

  1. Oh, you are in for some fun days ahead. She is growing up to quick. Keep these coming, at least
    I know about her ways of thinking.

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