Growing Older

treeReality some times smacks you in the face.  This week my age seems to be catching up with me.  #1-I threw my back out.  I pulled something the wrong way and I tweaked my back good.  Sonya says I look like I am walking crooked.  #2-Josh is going this week for his driver’s license test.  He is growing up so fast and I look back and wonder where the time is gone.  My baby boy is ready to drive.

I am feeling older, in body and in emotions.  Yet, growing older has its benefits too.  It is not something to be dreaded even though more aches and pains come your way.  Growing older is exciting.  It affords us greater opportunities to share what we have learned in life.  The older you get the more seriously people take you.  They feel like you have something that they need. 

When I started pastoring I was 24.  The people in our town called me the fifteen year old preacher because that is all I looked.  There were many challenges because I was so young.  I faced things that most older pastors do not face because my age seemed more like a handicap.  As I grow older, almost 15 years of pastoring now, people seem to take more seriously our ministry and our judgment.

As I look back on my life, I reflect on what we have accomplished with God’s help.  Are the ministries I have been in better off because I have been there?  Have I impacted people’s lives in a positive way?  Have I been instrumental in the growth of others?

For me growing older means bearing more fruit.  The older I get, the more fruit I should bear and I should be more mature spiritually as I age.  What about you?  Are you growing older and maturing as well?

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