Eating Crow and Humble Pie

Last night, we had our Chili Cook-off.  I did not even place.  Today, I am humbled!  After all of the trash talk I did going into the Cook-off, I have had to eat every word I said.  Perhaps next year I should not talk as much smack.

We had very deserving winners who indeed had the best chili.  Our congrats to them.  Among a couple of the winners, there was a little bantering going between us and they indeed had reason to brag.  Their chili was good!

First Place – Kathy Jones
Second Place – Patti Gilliland
Third Place – Laura Boyson

Thanks to all the participants who entered.  We also appreciate the judges who had integrity and could not be boughtSmile  I am looking forward to next year now, but I will approach the cook-off a little quieter now.  Humble Pie doesn’t taste very good!

2 thoughts on “Eating Crow and Humble Pie

  1. Pastor, what a fun time I have had,,, thank you for being “REAL”,, true to your Pastor calling and being real enough for the rest of us to have fun with. Sometimes people are to “HOLY” for their own good,, (or anybody else’s). Looking forward to settling in at RFA.

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