Show Me The Money

My parents have been in town for a week or so and that always means one thing.  Hannah is her grandparents and doesn’t show me the love she normally does.

Last night, I came home and sat in my chair.  I called out for Hannah to come see me.  She refused!  I called out again and told her I would give her money if she would come give me a hug and a kiss.  She came by my chair, leaned against the ottoman and looked me in the eye.  With the glare of a cold distance she asked, “Where’s my money?”

She wouldn’t give me any love until I paid.  I didn’t really have any money and she walked away and refused my IOU.  What is this world coming to?

4 thoughts on “Show Me The Money

  1. I noticed the way she snuggled up to your father in church Sunday. He sure seemed special-and he didn’t use any money either.

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