BEWARE: Chili Cook-off

Just tasted the chili for tomorrow night’s cook-off.  We might as well skip the contest and put the ribbon on my chili.  I don’t mean to brag but, as Paul said, “I Boast In The Lord.”  He gave me this recipe:)

By the way, for those who are in the cook-off, we need the chili at the church by 5:50pm.  See you tomorrow night!

4 thoughts on “BEWARE: Chili Cook-off

  1. “The Sons of Will Sonnett” show Walter Brennen as the grandfather helping his grandson look for his father as they traveled the country. One of his famous sayings was this:

    “No brag, just fact”.

    So I don’t think you’re bragging, you’re just stating a fact! lol ;^) Good luck tomorrow!!!

    • I will suggest those to Patti, she needs all the help she can get:) Somehow, I think the olives would work against me. Apparently no one likes black olives much. I just made a mental note to only order half as many next time.

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