Pack Rats

Josh and Hannah both have a characteristic that neither Sonya nor I have.  They are both Pack Rats.  If you look in Josh’s room, it is full of catalogs, books and more.  He doesn’t like to throw anything away.  I don’t think it is sentimental stuff but rather a “what-if I need this again someday” attitude.

Hannah, on the other hand, doesn’t like to get rid of anything.  The other day we were cleaning out the garage and she saw some of the “stuff” I was taking to Helping Hands.  This “stuff” included her toys and old shoes.  She could not part with these things.  She had a melt-down when I told her we were giving these to someone less fortunate.  Hannah did not buy that argument, it was her stuff and everyone else could get their own.  I sent her out of the garage and loaded it up in the car.

She also has the requirement  that when she doesn’t eat her whole meal, she has to get a to go box.  She never touches the food again and we wind up throwing it away, but if we do not get a to-go box, there is a melt-down on our hands.  She is a pack rat with food and her stuff.

I am not sure where my kids got this trait, it certainly wasn’t from me!  But that got me to thinking about how we are as Christians.  We are spiritual pack rats!

We “hang on” to the gospel of Jesus Christ and refuse to give it away to the lost.  We “hang on” to the hurts that someone has caused us and refuse to forgive.  We “hang on” to the compassion of Christ and fail to show it to those who are hurting.  We “hang on” to mercy and judge others rather than showing them mercy and grace.

What are you hanging on to?

One thought on “Pack Rats

  1. I immediately began to pray the second that I finished reading this post. I too have been a hoarder, of spiritual junk like those mentioned. I have been cleaning out my heart as well as my house of stuff that I no longer need nor want. But the Holy Spirit quickened my heart on a couple of things I had attached “strings” to as I would leave the altar thinking I had left it there. Thanks for the post, this time I prayed for the Lord to use His Spiritual scissors to cut those strings permanently. I enjoy your blogs and the messages we can get on facebook and the websites for growth and maintenance tools that you have provided for you sheep, truly you love them all. Thanks for all that you do. Louanna

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