Joy vs. Happiness

How is your life? Are you having tough times?

Job 7:7 says, "…remember, O God, that my life is but a breath; my eyes will never see happiness again."

Job was having more than a bad day; he was having a bad life. The man who was once the wealthiest man in the land had a "quiver full" of children and one day, everything is all gone. If things were not bad enough already (ever had one of those days?), he is smitten with boils which are excruciatingly painful. So here you have the perfect, upright man who is ready to die. This chapter is a reply to his "good friend" Eliphaz’s "encouragement." What I found interesting is the contrast between chapter 6:10 and this verse in chapter seven verse seven.

Job 6:10 says, "Then I would still have this consolation-my joy in unrelenting pain-that I had not denied the words of the Holy One."

Then in the next chapter he says, "My eyes will never see happiness again." I am comforted by these words because it shows the change in human emotions. When you go through hard times, you will face the ups and downs. One moment you are happy; the next moment, crying. The ultimate victory in trials is to live with the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit in your heart and roll with the punches.

One thing we must understand is the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is a state of living; it is dependant on circumstances. Joy, however, is an attitude of the heart. It is something developed through the circumstances. When Job says, "My eyes will never see happiness again", he couldn’t see past his circumstance. If you read the end of Job; he was happy again. I bring hope to you today. Choose to have joy in your heart, and happiness will come again. Look past your circumstance and ask God to develop joy in your heart.

One thought on “Joy vs. Happiness

  1. You are exactly right Pastor Danny! I was just in that state of mind not long ago, and realized that if I could get past the circumstances I could be happy again, but the circumstance didn’t leave, so what was happening? I had no real Joy, which comes from the Lord,…” the Joy of the Lord is my strength”. I had no strengh to be happy, because I had no joy. And in Him is joy to go on which gives us the strength to be able to go through circumstances, simply put, “don’t get your heart/eyes off of Him!

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