Unwanted Cat

There has always been within me a prejudice against cats.  In fact, I loathe them.  Perhaps it was because of my childhood cat, Sarah. She was actually a boy but we didn’t know that until we took her to get spayed and they wound up neutering her)  We called her Twisted Sister after that.  Sarah would sleep at the end of my bed and anytime I would move my feet, she would swat my toes with her claws.  Needless to say I harbor bitterness toward felines.

A couple of weeks ago, a cat showed up at the doorstep of our church.  I petted it and later that day it followed me home.  So, we have tried to adjust to our new pet.  Hannah loves it. Josh, our once cat-hater now turned cat-lover, now enjoys his lap-cat.  Sonya’s allergic and I am sorry it ever followed me home.

So, I have been trying to give her away to anyone who will take her.  How come nobody wants a cat?  Maybe there are more people that don’t like cats than those that like them:)  So I have been thinking about what to do.

The other morning, this huge black cat shows up looking for Sassy… The whole family knew what that meant…kitty was in love with a black cat.  Not just any black cat but one that looked like the cat on Bewitched.  This cat is spooky.  After an unsuccessful trip to take her to the pound, I brought her home and we let her out last night.  Spooky, the black cat, was on the back porch looking for Sassy.  We let her out and haven’t seen her since.  I am hoping she eloped!

2 thoughts on “Unwanted Cat

  1. What a beautiful love story.She will probably return soon. If God didn’t love cats why did he
    make so many different species of them, unlike a dog and a wolf. Most calm, loving people
    are cat lovers. Doctors will tell you petting a cat will lower your blood pressure. I have tried
    to teach you things all these years but you refuse to listen and learn. See I was a very good
    influence on Josh and Hannah. It is different for Sonya because of allergies, but I bet she would love a cat to.

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