In awe of His goodness

Sunday was an exciting day as we celebrated the conclusion of phase one of our remodeling project.  It was a welcomed end of several months of labor for many in our church body.

As I prepared for the celebration service I was overwhelmed by the goodness of God.  Without a doubt, God’s favor has been on RFA.  Not because of any one person but because God is a good God!  Only He could accomplish what has been done these last 18 months.

We never dreamed it would be possible to pay off the church’s debt early, but God provided and it was done last year.  We would have never dreamed that we could raise money to remodel our building debt free, but God provided and it was done.

There are many times I lacked faith to present the project to the church body, but God helped me get the courage.  There were many times when I got nervous that we would run over the budget as we added new things to our remodel list, but God provided for every need.  In fact, He provided above and beyond. 

I would like to say that I am a man of great courage and faith, but I struggle at times trusting God for the big things.  But big things to me are small things to God.  I have never been let down when I have trusted God. You would think I would learn!

I am looking forward to the future as we move onto Phase 1-1/2 (we added this before we hit phase 2).  I know that God will continue to provide as we step out in faith and work on the exterior of our building.

All Glory to God for His goodness to us!

You can check out the video that we showed Sunday in our celebration service.  Click here.  It shows some great photos of the project as well as the before an after pictures.

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