Marriage is Work

This last week was a milestone in mine and Sonya’s relationship.  August 20th was the 20 year anninversary of our first date.  We went to Kip’s Big Boy for a Coke and then straight to the Dollar movie to see Back to the Future 2.  I knew this was the woman for me.  #1 she said yes to a date with me and #2 she went, even though I only had 5 bucks for the date.   I guess I should throw in number 3, she had to drive on our first date because my vette was broke down.  (Chevette, in case you were wondering).  We both thought the first date was a flop.  We had been friends for quite some time but when it became a date, somehow we both changed.  We didn’t know what to talk about anymore.

Three days later we went on our second date and the rest is history.  Just for Nostalgia’s sake: August 23rd was the 20 year anniversary of our first kiss (I threw that in just to spark your comments).  You should never kiss on the first date by the way.  Chilvary is always the best way.

20 years later we are happily married.  Neither one of us thought we would have made it this far.  On that first date 20 years ago, neither one of us dreamed we would ever be married to one another.  When we got hitched, most people didn’t think we would make it.  The statistics are against married couples.  But marriage is work!  It has never been easy.  There have been lots of arguments or heated discussions.  Many trying times, but never has divorce been an option.  It takes work to stay married.  20 years later, we look back and have seen many more good times than bad.  God has been good to us! After all, He let me marry the woman of my dreams!

2 thoughts on “Marriage is Work

  1. A five dollar first date…not surprised…..second date…very surprised…first kiss….that’s just gross man….history…expected.

  2. Congrats. I know how you feel. I have been married 47 yrs and occassionaly have a crying
    spell. Of course my husband was only married 32 1/2 yrs. Weird uh. Oh well you know the
    answer. Some days are the most wonderful days and others you want to kill them and tell
    God they disappeared, but in the end the good out lasts the bad. Love to all. The Pest


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