Gorilla Glue

Saturday we had a workday to tackle a few of the finishing details in our building.  I  decided to work on repairing a sheetrock seam where the tape was coming loose.  One of the guys suggested I use caulk to hold it up.  I am not the greatest caulker so I decided to do it my way.

God invented Gorilla Glue to hold just about anything.  It was the perfect thing for this project.  I started applying the glue to the sheetrock tape and it began to drip.  Instead of letting it drop on the new floor, I made sure to catch it with my hands.  It dripped and dripped and dripped and dripped, until gorillagluemy hands were covered with Gorilla Glue.

This article should be a testimonial for Gorilla Glue.  That stuff works.  Well, it seems to work better on hands than it does on sheetrock.  Since, I have an incredible fear of sticky stuff (stickyphobia), I rushed to the bathroom to wash my hands.  It didn’t work!

My hands remained sticky for some time.  The bottle of Gorilla Glue says to wash off with soap and water.  Oh sure, that sounds easy.  I tried soap and water, mineral spirits, turpentine, super Castrol garage floor cleaner and paint thinner.  Finally, after the last coat of chemicals, the stickiness was alleviated.  However, three days later, I am still peeling glue off of my hands.  I wish I would have listened to the advice just to use caulk.  That comes off with soap and water.

How often do we not follow the advice of godly counsel and find ourselves in sticky situations?  How many times have we read correction in the Word of God and not heeded it and gone down the wrong path? 

So many of our problems would not have happened if we would have followed the counsel and advice of the Wonderful Counselor.  Sticky situations usually happen because we have done the wrong thing and complicated our lives.  Life would be so much less sticky, if we would only live by the Word and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Life will never be easy, but it would be easier if we wouldn’t get ourselves in sticky messes.  Some of the holes we dig ourselves into are tougher to overcome than Gorilla Glue.  From now on, I am going to follow advice…

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