This 19 year journey

I just realized that today is the 19th anniversary of my being baptized in water.  July 27th was the 19th anniversary of my miraculous salvation in Christ.  Many people do not remember these moments in their lives but for me it was a life-changing and life-saving event.

God miraculously intervened in my life of sin and set me on the path to a new life.  Delivered and set free, God chose to call me into His life.  Thanks be to God!  Who knows where I would be without Him.  It is often that I think of my life before and after Christ.  I am so thankful that Christ has given me a new life and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

This 19 year journey has had many ups and downs.  Good times and bad but God has seen me through them all.  God is amazing!  I celebrate what He has done for me, but most of all what He has done in me.  I never regret following Him and I am humbled that He has called me to preach the Gospel!

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