Jesse James Farm

We had a great time on vacation but we are glad to be back home.  We packed in alot of great things while we were in Kansas City.  One of my favorites was the Jesse James Farm, once owned by the family of the infamous bank robber, Jesse James.

I have always been fascinated by the stories of outlaws (maybe I shouldn’t share that).  Jesse James was one of the outlaws that I liked to read about as a kid.  I found it interesting at the James farm how they somehow felt his life of crime was justified and when he was killed for bounty, his family considered it murder (note the inscription on his tombstone).

One interesting thing to note was the cunningness of his family and how they were sharp dealers and integrity was never a strong point.  His mom sold rocks supposedly off of his grave and she would replenish them with rocks from the creek.  She also sold his pistol to historians on quite a few occasions.  She would sell it to one historian and then buy a new one that he had never touched and sell it as his pistol again and again.

I wonder where Jesse got his criminal traits from, hmm?

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