We have been on vacation together for a few days now.  Our family has had some time to spend together, the most we have had in quite a few weeks.  Whenever we have a lot of togetherness, there are always some interesting times with Josh and Hannah.  Hannah’s interesting things I can publish and Josh’s I can’t because he is of the age of consent and information is held to protect the guilty.  Not to mention he would probably hurt me to share some of the details, however, I will talk for cash:)

So here are a few of our “Hannah-isms for the week.

Friday night, Hannah and I were sitting on the couch and she was really affectionate.  She was hugging me and kissing me on the cheek.  She looks at me and says, “I love it when I love you!”  That was her attempt at self-appreciation and you can read between the lines there.  In essence she was saying, “I am actually being nice to you.”

On the way to Kansas City, I was flipping through the radio stations to find a Christian station.  I stopped on a Jazz station (I love Jazz) and listened for a second, when out of the back seat Hannah yells, “No change it!  I don’t like that music,” 

I flip to another station and the next one lands on a classic rock station.  Screaming guitars and something that sounds like Led Zeppelin is playing and I change the station.  Hannah screams again, “No, turn it back.  I like that song!”  Sonya and I looked at each other and agreed we are in trouble.

Last night at World’s of Fun (similar to Six Flags), Hannah was getting off of the worm ride.  It was a small roller coaster.  Sonya was taking her to ride it again, when Hannah exclaimed, “No, I don’t want to go back on that one.  It doesn’t go fast enough.”  That’s My Girl!

2 thoughts on “Hannah-isms

  1. I have a dollar i will send. Spill details. You know you really do have a different child this time around. But I have a bed now and she is welcome anytime. I’ll even take that non Cowboy fan, Josh, NOT YOU. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Love to all.

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