Playing In the Rain

The other night Sonya, Hannah and I were out for a walk when it started to rain.  Normally, in moments like that, we run in and duck for cover, but Monday was different.  Instead of staying in, Sonya suggested that Hannah and I should go out and play in the rain.  What a great idea!  Hannah and I went outside and got soaked. 

It made me wonder, “why is it when we are kids that we love to play in the rain and when we get old we don’t like to get wet?”  I think it is good to sometimes get kid-like again.  Most people need a good dance in the rain!


Why must we grow up and lose our zest for life
Why do we lose our joy amidst all the strife?

I watch you with awe and witness your joy
The cares of this life you always seem to avoid

In your imaginary world you spin tales of wonder
Your mind races and your energy is like no other

We dance in the rain and I hear your gleeful laugh
You play in the mud and want to go to bed without a bath

Oh, how I wish my life was so care-free
Resting in Jesus, letting Him carry me

How soon I forget, how to be young again
To live my life, not looking back at where I’ve been

Another day comes and goes with much that is mundane
But you and I will dance together, once again in the rain

For it is those days that I escape into your world of peace
But for these few moments, it is you that rescues me

Saving me from the trap of living business as usual
You let me in to your wonderful care-free world

Thank you little child for reminding me of me
Or at least the me, that I used to be.

-Danny Cheney












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5 thoughts on “Playing In the Rain

  1. Well, I didn’t know we had a poet among us. But, these are done quite well and I commend you for the talent.

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