Life of Regrets

Is Your Life a Life of Regrets?

At the end of every day do you reflect on the whirlwind of time that you have just been through and WISHED you would have lived that day differently?  We have a tendency to regret doing some things and regret not doing other things.

The interesting thing about life is we only have one try to live it to the fullest.  Our life will pass by quickly and at the end of it what would we have done differently?  How do you use your time?  Is it for important things or just things that you THINK are important?  Paul told the Ephesian believers to, "redeem the time for the days are evil" and this is a word for us to day.  Redeeming the time is to take the most of every opportunity to do something that lasts.

Many will say that they have no time to pray but they have time to clean the house everyday and do all the clothes but fail to spend time with the Master.  Please ladies don’t stop cleaning the house, however, don’t neglect your prayer life either.  At the end of life I will guarantee that you will not say, "I wish I would have cleaned the House more."  You will look back and say, "You know I wish I would have spent more time with Jesus."  There are many areas that we use our time while not making time to pray and study God’s Word.

Friends, while our children are still at home we must take every opportunity to spend time with them and fashion them into men and women of God.  In today’s society, we are raising kids and at the same time, we are trying to be successful in the business world.  We have only one chance to raise these kids.  Would you rather be successful on your job or successful at parenting?  You can have both but you have to balance your time between work and home.  No one ever gets to their death bed and looks back and says, "I wish I would have spent more time at the office."

Life is meant to be a balance.  Live life to the fullest and make sure that you spend more time on the most important things in life.  To live with no regrets means you will do several things:

1.  Live a life of Righteousness – Don’t live with the regrets of failing God
     through sin.

2.  Spend time with God in Prayer and The Word – This is key to having an
     abundant life.  Spending time with Him in this life is a practice run for

3.  Spend time alone with your spouse – The key to a great marriage is building
     oneness now so that when the kids are gone you have a great relationship

4.  Spend quality time with your children – Not time watching TV but time
      where you do something they enjoy.  They will never forget the times that
      you spent with them, even when you were tired and worn out.  This will
      help you to develop them in to men and woman of God.

5.  Serve God and His Kingdom – When it comes time to receive rewards in
     Heaven it will be too late to do it over.  Find something to do for God and
     do it as best you can.

These are things you can do that will help you live with no regrets.  Life is too short to blow it.  Take these things to heart and enjoy life.  You won’t regret it.

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