Child-like Faith

I love the faith of a child!  Tonight, Sonya is at the church finishing up the painting of the office.  Therefore, it was my duty to cook dinner.  Let me rephrase that, Hannah wanted me to cook her dinner.  Sonya was going to cook Hannah some macaroni before she left, but Hannah said, “No, I want my daddy to cook it!”  Sonya looks at me with that mischievous grin and said, “okay.”  She said it in the tone of voice that expressed, “Are you sure you know what you are getting into?” 

I can grill anything.  If it cooks on a grill I can cook it.  But macaroni and cheese?  I have a hard time boiling water, but something gourmet like mac and cheese is like cooking a casserole.  The last time I cooked mac and cheese was about 7 years ago for Josh and his friend, Travis.  Travis looked at me and in the nicest way said, “This is gross!”

So tonight, with that in mind, I cooked!  When I was done, I handed the runny mac and cheese to Hannah and waited for the verdict.  She said, “This is good.”  Josh, on the other hand said, “It’s alright.”

Though, I am not a chef, Hannah had faith that I could come through for her.  Such is the faith of a child.  It is this kind of faith that God says we should have.  The faith of a little child.  Jesus said that we enter into the kingdom when we have faith like a child. 

That kind of faith believes that God can do exactly what His Word says.  It is knowing that God is able and even though I haven’t seen the miracle yet, He can still come through.  It is trusting the God who turned water into wine and believing He can also make our paycheck stretch for another week.  It is resting on God’s promise that He will heal, even if we are still suffering in pain.

Child-like faith is trusting in the Father who desires to give good gifts to His children.

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