Father’s Day Poem

Yesterday, I spoke on the mistakes and successes of parenting.  Our model as a Father is our Heavenly Father and the most fortunate thing about Him is His grace in the midst of our mistakes.  I am thankful that God is forgiving as well as our kids.

Parenting is not easy, many mistakes to make
Things we do wrong, often make the heart ache

A cross word, an impatient growl
Hurt feelings, an angry scowl

I do not teach them enough, nor do I pray
Yet they look for guidance, what do I say?

At times I seem such a miserable fool
To do this right, I really need a tool

God’s Word, instructions for the making of a treasure
Guides us to success a child for our pleasure

When we look back we often fret over our failures
But with forgiveness and love, those children are still yours

Greater success you had than you will ever say
You cannot go wrong when you train them God’s Way

Bury the hurts and the mistakes of the past
It is your successes, that forever will last.

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