Hannah and Her Pet Lightning Bug

Last night, Hannah and I were on the back patio watching the lightning bugs light up the dark night.  There were dozens of them glowing in the back yard and after a lucky grab, we caught one.  Hannah likes bugs.  She says she likes to pet spiders and even though she is timid, she will let bugs (not spiders) crawl on her hands.  She caught a doodle bug the other night and named him Muscles.

After our catch of the lightning bug, she decided to name him Muscles after her lost doodle bug, but finally settled on the name Lightning.  We got a jar, punched a couple air holes in the lid, put some grass in it and made the new home for Lightning.  Lightning made it through the night and Hannah still has her pet.  She woke up and said she was going to feed it little pieces of cheese and crackers.  What do Lightning  Bugs eat?

All of this ordeal has me puzzled, though.  Why is it that when they are little girls they like bugs and let them crawl over them, and then when they grow up they are all of a sudden afraid of bugs?Lightning 1










Lightning 3Lightning 2

2 thoughts on “Hannah and Her Pet Lightning Bug

  1. Because bad little boys like to chase sweet little girls with them. And if the sweet little girls are not afraid of them, then the bad little boys won’t like them.
    I have been very quite lately, have you missed me or did you enjoy it. I really like the Wal
    Mart parking lot episodes!!!

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