Light Bulb Experience

Have you ever had a light bulb experience?

This is one of those experiences that the Lord shows you something, and it is like a light comes on.  It is nothing profound but rather simple, and you wonder why you couldn’t see that a long time ago.  A couple of years ago, I had light bulb experience #176.  In the midst of a discouraging, frustrating time in my life, I began to cry out to God.  All of my inadequacies, struggles, failures, and responsibility were weighing heavy on me.  I had vented my frustration and discouragement to others but not to God.  At the end of the day, the weight was more than I could bear.  I cried out to God.  As I was praying and seeking the Lord for answers and help, I cried out "Lord, I am losing my grip!"  There went the light bulb and the Holy Spirit in his gentle manner spoke and said, "It is about time, I will take over from here."  WOW! Can I say that again? WOW!  As long as I had a grip on the situations and on the ministry God had given me, I lacked dependence on Him.  Venting my frustrations was my way of keeping in control.  God has been waiting for me to let go of it and let Him handle it.  That night, I received a breakthrough.  The Light came on, and the weight was lifted off my shoulders. 

The battle is the Lord’s, not mine.  The ministry is the Lord’s not mine.  I am a steward over what He has given me, but the dependence has to remain on God. 

I Peter 5:7 says, "Casting all of your care on Him for He cares for you."

The problem is we attach strings to our cares.  We cast them on God, but we hang on to that string.  You see, as long as we are hanging on to something, we feel more confident that God will work.  The fact is that God works better without you hanging on to the string.  I challenge you, LET GO AND LET GOD!  Lose your grip and get in His grip. 

2 thoughts on “Light Bulb Experience

  1. Very moving and I sure identify with it. I think it is especially hard for a man as we want to work hard and control things. My battle is now so much easier since I let go and turned it over to Him. Oh, I still think about it and, at times, want to act. But, I have to remind myself that it is in His hands now and I relax and feel so much better.

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