Weekend Conversations With Hannah

Sunday afternoon I was taking my nap when Hannah came in and whispered in her sweet little voice:

Hannah: Dad, can I sit on something?

Me: Sure, honey, what do you want to sit on?

Hannah: Can I sit on the Dog crate?  (Disclaimer: She had been told no at least 20 times)

Me: No, Hannah, you might break it.

Hannah: No I won’t, I just have a little behind!

Conversation two, Hannah and I waiting in the car outside of Wal-mart.  Hannah is crying because I won’t let her get out of her car seat.

Me:  Hannah quit your crying.  I don’t want to hear you cry anymore.

Hannah: I can’t stop! There is still alot of cry left down in my throat!

Conversation three: Again, on another day, Hannah and I waiting in the car outside of Wal-mart.  Hannah has been pleasantly quiet when she breaks the silence:

Hannah: I drew me a moustache! (Followed by an evil laugh)


One thought on “Weekend Conversations With Hannah

  1. Oh how I miss hearing these little tidbits. I hope you have rested, because I have left you alone for a while now. The sad thing is that she will grow up to fast. I am just starting to really enjoy Jarid. He is such a happy and loving baby. He gets so excited when he see Buddie, and sometimes me. But all he does is laugh and grunt. I have been very busy being
    bad and have not had time to comment much. But still read all the time. Keep them coming. Lots of Love the PEST

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