What’s Growing In Your Gutter?

Spring is here and the rain has also been non-stop.  As the trees bloomed, they dropped thousands of seed pods from their limbs.  They have littered the yard, driveway, patio and clogged the gutters.

As always, I procrastinate.  I have taken my time in cleaning out the gutters and pulled into my driveway to find green shoots rising in the gutter.  The rain continued, as did my procrastination, and before long those shoots became small trees.  In fact, it looked like I was growing shrubs in my gutters.  The seeds had germinated and the soil was made by the old leaves and growth began.  After a couple of weeks of growing trees around the edges of my house, I decided to clean out the gutters.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to use hedge trimmers, but it was quite a bit of work digging out 4 inches of growth.  The gutters were packed full of trees, seed pods and leaves.  In fact, when it rained, there was no where for the water to go.  It was clogged.  After spending hours last night cleaning out the gutters, water was able to flow again.

This is often how our spiritual lives work.  Little seeds planted in the wrong places will grow unwanted trees.  Those seeds are often small compromises, sin that we allow to be planted into our hearts until it sprouts.  Small seeds produce big trees and it is no different with sin.  The Bible tells us that a little leaven leavens  the whole lump.  We must clean out our spiritual gutters.

What is it in our lives that we have let clog the flow of God’s Spirit?  What do we need to clean out to allow us to sense God moving again? 

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