Praying For You?

“I’ll be praying for you!”

Does this phrase sound familiar to you?  How often have we answered someone’s need by telling them we would pray for them?  Do you always pray like you said you would?

I remember one time as I was taking my Sunday afternoon siesta I was invaded by a dream that pierced the very core of my heart.  In the dream my mother came to me and said with excitement, “I can’t wait to get to heaven and hear all of those prayers you prayed.”  I was instantly gripped with shame, trying replay through my mind how many prayers I had actually prayed.  It was reality hitting me.  My mother had countless times asked me to pray and I didn’t always follow through with her wishes.

How many of us are guilty of this?  This dream got me thinking.  Does God really keep a tab on the unprayed prayers.  In the book of Revelation you find a picture of God keeping the prayers of the saints under His throne.  I believe that when we get to Heaven we will be able to see the many prayers that we prayed and the answers that those prayers brought.  But what of the prayers never prayed?  Are they also kept track of? 

I believe that it will be revealed to us the results of not interceding for someone else.  The prayer that we should have prayed could be for one of our troops whose life is in danger and our pray stands in between him and eternity.  Will you pray?  It could be someone’s loved one on a hospital bed about to breathe their last.  Will you pray?  It may be someone who has been depressed and someone asked you to pray for them.  They are on the edge of the bridge about to jump.  Will you pray? 

You may be the catalyst to save someone’s life.  You may be the one that will pray them through to their miracle.  It may be your prayer that God is waiting on.  Will you pray? 

I challenge you, do not say half-heartedly, “I’ll be praying for you.”  Go to the throne room of God and cry out to Him for their miracle.  For their life!  You are an important vessel to God!  God wants you to pray and you will see results.  The tragedy is, however, if you don’t pray there may never be those results.  Your prayers are being logged and who knows even those unprayed prayers might be accounted for one day.  Let’s make the choice to pray and when we get to Heaven we will see the results of those prayers.

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