A Step Forward

Last night was a momentous occasion for the Cheney household.  It is at the top of the list for greatest moments in history.  In 1969, the United States put a man on the moon.  In 2005, the Houston Astro’s went to the World Series (but lost).  In 2010, Sonya ate fish.  Yes, you heard it right.

To put that in context, she has been a vegetarian for years.  Just in the last couple of years has she started eating steak (well done like beef jerky).  On our second date, I took her to Taco Bell and she ordered two tacos with no meat.  Yes, I continued to date her anyway:)  All these years she has been a vegetables only person and her famous words were, “I will never eat fish.”  Well folks, miracles happen.  She ate fish.  Not a whole piece but she ate about 4 bites of fish.  The sky’s the limit!  Next step is to get her to eat Crawfish.

One thought on “A Step Forward

  1. I hope Sonja does not give in to crawfish. Who ever heard of eating mud bugs, and even more disgusting , sucking their heads. That is awful. I’d rather eat cinnamon sticks and cheese dip. Eat shrimp or fish cooked correctely but skip the crawfish. A good shrim gumbo will be very hard to find down here now. Even fried or boiled will be scarce now.
    I think its another sign that the Lord is coming soon, people will be starving because they cannot get good fresh seafood. We may actually have to eat stuff that is good for you.
    Love Ya’ll

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