Happy 16th Birthday Josh!

P7290084 What do they call the 16th birthday for boys?  Is it still sweet 16?

Today Josh turns 16.  Besides feeling old, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for God giving us an incredible son.  We are blessed beyond measure to have a son who loves God and tries to honor Him with his life. 

Over the last 16 years we have watched him grow into a fine young man.  Honestly, there was never much doubt that Josh would turn out well.  He has been a pleasure to raise.  From the time he was a couple years old, we understood that he would be a well-behaved and respectful child. (the jury is still out for his sister)  He delivered his first sermon at 3, where he intermingled the Bible with shopping at JC Penney’s (blame his mother for that).  He preached again when he was nine, and did better that time.  It was all biblical, but he walked away not knowing if he wanted to preach again.  His nerves got the best of him.

He is now on the path to get an education after high school and pursue what God desires for His life.  Truthfully, he has considered running for public office after college.  His passion is to see America return to God and Josh feels that if we can have godly men in office maybe there would be some hope.  Whatever he decides to do, we know that he will honor God and be successful.

We love you son!  You are a joy to our lives.

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