An Honest Letter To God

Dear God,

Why do I treat you as if you don’t exist
Even when the Spirit beckons me and persists

I hold you at arms length, ignoring you most the day
Doing my own thing, walking my own way

You call, I don’t answer
You speak, but I don’t seem to care

But then, I will need you, a problem will arise
Then and only then, do I look toward the sky

Are you still there? Have I run out of grace?
If you help me one more time, then I will will seek your face

One more request, another bailout for me
Could you do it again? Can you meet my need?

Oh thanks, I knew I could count on you!
I knew in your faithfulness you would come through

Alas, not far down the road, I slowly drift away
I go days on end with nothing to say

Will this cycle ever end?
Until, on you, I truly depend?

I’m tired of the roller coaster, one day, close then I back away
I have decided, with you and you alone I will stay.

A Struggling Pray-er

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