Gourmet Dinner

Last night we went out for a gourmet dinner at Taco Bell.  As we are eating our Meximelt and Crunch Wrap, I noticed Hannah’s decision to make her own recipe.  She was enjoying Cinnamon Twists dipped in her Nacho Cheese.  It made all of us quesy but Hannah enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Gourmet Dinner

  1. She sure learned a lot from me in such a short time. I like french fries and thick cane syrup.
    I also like Mac and Cheese with chocolate pie. Now there will be no mean comment from you. I have left you alone now for a while.

    • You expect me not to comment on your extreme quirkiness. I know there was something disconnected within you, but I never knew that it was that bad. I am glad I moved away when I did before you had a chance to corrupt my children even more. Even though your meal choice is crazy, you are still loved:)

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