Altar Call Fail

Sunday’s message was one of those get to the bottom of the heart messages.  We talked about what it means to walk in the fear of the Lord.  It was a piercing look at things that we might need to change if we want to walk in the fear of the Lord.  This was a message built for a response at the altar.

At the conclusion of the message, the musicians normally come to the platform, but Sonya was in the nursery with Hannah who wasn’t feeling well.  So, as before, we were going to put on some light worship music instead of having live musicians.  The CD is normally in slot 1, but I forgot that we used that slot for a special Easter song by Judy Garland.  Here comes the Altar Call Fail.  You guessed it, heads are bowed, eyes are closed and Judy Garland starts to sing about 5th avenue.  That is the first time I have ever laughed in an altar call.  Then I lost my train of thought, forgot where I was and started to pray again.  Talk about killing the moment.

Listen to the clip of the altar call:

One thing I have learned about leadership is that we should never be afraid of failure and should always learn to laugh at our mistakes.  I tend to think that God might have gotten a kick out of that as well.  If we are too serious, we will be so afraid of failure that we will beat ourselves up over our failures.

4 thoughts on “Altar Call Fail

  1. Bro. that sound like one of my many mistakes!! But you know what God still moves in spite of our short comings. Love and miss you folk!!

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